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Our Online Garden-Design Process

How does Bloomtime work? We’re so glad you asked. We’re the only online company that combines the expertise of working with a real landscape architect with the accessibility of DIY gardens. We’ve taken our 15+ years of experience designing 100+ landscapes and hand curated the most most adaptable, durable, and beautiful components to turn your outdoor space into a place that you love.

What's in a Planter Garden?

Section of Bloomtime Rust Planter Kit with Purple Lover Plant Palette

A combination of gorgeous perennials for each sun/shade environment. The plants change in size and color throughout the seasons, and if treated well, will come back next year!


Specially engineered to be lightweight and stable, meaning it doesn't compress and need to be "topped off" each year.


To keep your drainage free of soil, which can clog it up


To ensure your plant roots remain healthy.


With durable, reinforced-fiberglass construction and drainage holes. They're available in a variety of sizes and lightweight to carry through your house

Long-Lasting Planters

Our planters are made of reinforced fiberglass with UV-stabilized color. Unlike a terra cotta or plastic pot that may only last 1-2 years, this mother is built to last outdoors and stay out of the landfill. The planters’ neutral, earth tone colors bring your attention where you want it: to the colorful plants. The modern design features clean lines with an overturned lip at the top and low-profile feet that work with drainage holes to promote plant health. The planters are lightweight, so you can easily carry them from your door to your outdoor space, and they won’t weigh down your balcony or roof deck.


Peat-Free Soil

Our lightweight soil is designed for green roofs – hurray! Unlike that fluffy stuff you get from a hardware store or garden center, this soil won’t break down, compact, or clog. That’s because it’s made with lightweight aggregate, sand, and touch of compost – just the right blend for your plants. When our soil is delivered it’s slightly wet and will therefore feel heavier than other bagged soil, but once it’s installed and fully wet, it’s actually much lighter then the fluffy stuff, which contains water-absorbing peat. Your balcony or roof deck will thank you, and so will the environment. That’s because peat extraction permanently destroys precious bog habitat and can disrupt the natural water table.  

Large Rectangle Charcoal Planter with Formal Garden Plant palette - BLOOMTIME
Large Rectangle Charcoal Planter with Stress Lovers Plant palette - BLOOMTIME
Large Rectangle Charcoal Planter with Pollinator Special Plant palette - BLOOMTIME
Large Rectangle Charcoal Planter with Meadow Plant palette - BLOOMTIME
Large Rectangle Charcoal Planter with Veggie Patch Plant palette - BLOOMTIME
Large Rectangle Charcoal Planter with Fern Glade Plant palette - BLOOMTIME

Plants for Each Sun/Shade Environment

Our landscape architects select gorgeous combinations of mostly-native plants for full sun and for part-shade spaces. Unlike the (highly unsustainable!) seasonal swap-out you might be used to, our gardens contain complementary plant heights, textures, and colors that naturally change throughout the seasons. Also, our plants are mostly perennials, meaning that they’ll come back next year if treated right, without needing to replant. Like any well-designed garden, your plants will provide endless attraction as they grow; bloom; sway in the breeze; nourish native pollinators and possibly birds; and change foliage color. Woof.

Good for You,
Good for the Planet, Good for Your Wallet

Our gardens are more than just beautiful. We incorporate the science-backed benefits of nature into our designs, which can decrease stress; enhance concentration and productivity; and make us happy, as demonstrated by 25+ years of studies.

Our gardens are also radically-sustainable. Unlike the seasonal swap-out you might be used to, we use long-lasting planters, soil, and plants that keep materials out of the landfill. Our gardens also offer important ecosystem services, including rainwater management, carbon sequestration, habitat provision, and healthy food provision.

This approach saves you money in the long-term, compared to traditional DIY, design-build, and the subscription swap-out!


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