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Before Bloomtime, image by Kylie Cooper
BLOOMTIME planter install image by Kylie Cooper
Photos by Kylie Cooper


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Tell us about your project and how we can help you achieve your goals with our plug-&-play landscapes. We will walk you through choosing planters and Plant Palettes.


Select Your Planter Layout

Like an interior design partner, we develop layout options of Planter Gardens. We do this for each unique floor plate while considering door locations and space that may be desired for things like outdoor tables and chairs.

Choose Your Planter Shape

Our Planter Gardens include everything that’s needed to quickly transform patios, balconies, and roof decks. These modular beauts are available in three planter shapes, three planter sizes, and three planter colors, which can be placed in endless configurations to fit any outdoor space. Each Planter Garden includes a planter, drainage material, fabric, green roof soil, and a Plant Palette.


These planter’s cylindrical shape is ideal as an accent in the corner of a space, by a door, or grouped with our Rectangle and Square planters for some added height.

Rectangle Planters - BLOOMTIME


These planter’s rectangular shape is ideal along a wall or parapet, and it can be perfectly arranged end-to-end or in an L-shape with our Square planters due to their matching dimensions.


These planter’s square shape is ideal in combination with our Rectangle planters due to their matching dimensions.

Choose Your Planter Color

Select from our range of Standard and Premium colors to compliment the color scheme of your outdoor space.

Charcoal Planter Finish - BLOOMTIME


This classic grey is our most popular color – a total crowd pleaser.

Ivory Planter Finish - BLOOMTIME


This off-white can make small spaces feel bigger.

Rust Planter Finish - BLOOMTIME


This color has the appearance of weathered steel without the rust stains.

Choose Your Plant Palette

We have a variety of Plant Palettes–our term for a combination of plants that work well together–designed for unique sun/shade environments. Each palette features mostly native, perennial plants that naturally come back year-to-year.


Enjoy Installation by Our Partners

We have qualified commercial contractors in each city that specialize in green roof installation, so they’re exceptionally familiar with the products within our Planter Gardens.  We share a long-standing relationship with these partners, and they’ll coordinate directly with your GC on logistics to install the Planter Gardens in one mobilization. 


Receive Seasonal Gardening Tips

We’ll email your O&M lead seasonal gardening tips customized for your specific Plant Palettes. This tool will help you feel confident that your Planter Gardens will thrive from year to year. Whoop whoop!