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Introducing professionally-designed DIY gardens.

Bloomtime is a women-owned, early-stage startup founded by an award winning landscape architect. Our mission is to help you love the outdoors, at home. We achieve this by selling professionally-designed DIY gardens that help people quickly transform their patios, balconies, and roof decks into places they love.


We believe every home should have plants that bring happiness.


We believe every outdoor space can become a beautiful place.


We believe everyone has the power to create sustainable communities.


We believe local action can lead to global impact.

We believe everyone should have access to nature, regardless of where they live.

We know that transforming your patio, balcony, or roof deck is complicated. Thats why we reimagined the process to make it easy for you to bring nature home. Our professionally-designed gardens are long-lasting, radically sustainable, and draw on 25+ years of research about the restorative power of nature. 

BLOOMTIME customers enjoying their transformed patio

Our sustainability promise

We have the power to create sustainable communities, one patio (or balcony, or roof deck) at a time. In fact, your Bloomtime landscape alone makes a difference. 

Together, the Bloomtime landscapes across your city offer important ecosystem services. These include rainwater management, carbon sequestration, heat-Island-effect mitigation, habitat provision, and healthy food provision.

1% for Natural Lands

Restoring and preserving habitat in our greater community and beyond is just as important as cultivating nature at home. That’s why we’ve committed 1% of your purchase to Natural Lands, a regional, non-profit conservation organization that saves open space, cares for nature, and connects people to the outdoors. 

Natural Lands welcomes you to visit its network of 43 preserves and public garden — free and open to the public throughout the year. You can learn more about your impact here.

Holding Toad_NaturalLands
Photo by Pete Smyrl, Courtesy of Natural Lands
Photo by Kylie Cooper
Photo by Kylie Cooper

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