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Landscape improvements increase perceived home value by 10-12%

- Niemiera, Alex X. "The Effects of landscape plants on perceive home value." Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech. 2018.

Healthier, Happier Lives

Our gardens are more than just beautiful. We incorporate the science-backed benefits of nature into our designs. 25+ Years of research demonstrates that access to nature and views of green space can decrease stress, enhance productivity, and make us happier.

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Radical Sustainability

Our gardens are radically-sustainable. Unlike the seasonal swap-out you might be used to, we use long-lasting planters, soil, and plants that keep materials out of the landfill. Our gardens also offer important ecosystem services, including rainwater management, carbon sequestration, habitat provision, and healthy food provision.


Maximized ROI

Our approach saves you money in the long-term, compared to design-build and the seasonal swap-out. Our solutions save you even more because they feel custom, but aren’t… shh!

Peer-reviewed research demonstrates that views of nature & access to fresh air at work decrease absenteeism, while increasing employee efficiency & retention.

Simple & Cost-effective

We understand that amenities are everything for developments. We also understand that they’re often cost-prohibitive and slow to implement. Hey, we’ve all been there! Our Planter Gardens offer a custom-feeling solution without design or engineering fees. We root landscape architectural knowledge into our products, resulting in an amenity that’s, on average, 73% less expensive than design-build.

Plug-&-Play Amenity

Our landscape architects curate our Planter Gardens with commercial-grade planters, green roof soil, and perennial plants. Together, we can mix-and-match our 27 modular planters and seven Plant Palettes to create an almost-instant amenity – bing, bam, boom.

Code-compliant for Loading

Our Planter Gardens are designed to be code compliant for loading on balconies and roof decks, per the 2018 Philadelphia Building Code. Where other landscapes-on-structure don’t cut it when it comes to loading, we can deliver. This helps you “get the green” without the added cost of structural reinforcement.

Better Home

Landscape is now rated the 2nd most important home feature (, 2020), no doubt because we’re hard-wired to crave nature. 25+ Years of peer-reviewed research demonstrate that access to nature and views of green space improve physical health (e.g., blood pressure, cortisol levels, stress recovery rates), psychological wellbeing (e.g., satisfaction, mood, happiness), and social cohesion (e.g., crime reduction). It’s therefore no surprise that landscape improvements increase perceived home value by 10-12% (Niemiera, 2018), and 67% of realtors recommend landscape improvements before selling a home (National Association of Realtors Research Group, 2019). 

Better Workplace

Human capital is typically an employer’s most valuable asset. Peer-reviewed research demonstrates that views of nature and access to fresh air at work decrease absenteeism, while increasing employee efficiency and retention. One study even found that the quality of an employee’s view was the top predictor of absenteeism (Terrapin Bright Green, 2012). Research demonstrates that biophilic exposure improves mental stamina, focus, cognitive functions, and learning rates (Terrapin Bright Green, 2012), leading to quantifiable impact for any employer. Our Planter Gardens are rooted in biophilic design and are a perfect way to provide nature at work.

Designed to Maximize LEED & WELL Points

Our Planter Gardens are designed to help you meet your LEED- and WELL-certification goals. They can contribute to up to eight LEED v4.1 points, five WELL v2 points, and one WELL v2 prerequisite.

1% for Natural Lands

As Nature Junkies, we also believe in protecting wild landscapes. Restoring and preserving habitat in our greater community and beyond is just as important as cultivating nature at home. That’s why we’ve committed 1% of your purchase to Natural Lands, a regional, non-profit conservation organization that saves open space, cares for nature, and connects people to the outdoors. 

Natural Lands welcomes you to visit its network of 43 preserves and public garden — free and open to the public throughout the year. You can learn more about your impact here.

Photo by Pete Smyrl, Courtesy of Natural Lands